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it is in your self-interest to find a way to be very cold-hearted.

Donate to 2 poor disabled queer women


Sorry to keep asking but things are getting hectic here and we are barely able to keep food and our medicine steady at this point and could use some donations, we are so thankful for any help we get and all the support.

Please donate by going here and signal boost, any donation count, thank you.


please keep your sex positivity at least thirty feet away from me at all times

Aleksander Kurt Lloyd / Aleksander Lovecraft is a manipulative rapist who targets isolated trans women.


snoworland is his sfw tumblr

kreatednotmade is his nsfw tumblr — huge tw for bdsm, rape, and misogyny

please reblog and/or repost, this is the best way i can think to keep him from being able to prey on more trans women.

we dated last summer from June - August (2013), at the time i called him Alek but soon after our relationship ended he started to go by Kurt again (the name he currently uses and used before moving to Atlanta). he moved to Atlanta last July and recently moved back to Tennessee. i don’t know where in Tennessee he is currently living, but I know he has previously lived in (or at least around) Knoxville and Maryville (where he attended Maryville College).

tw for emotional abuse and manipulation, gaslighting, misogyny

Kurt is a manipulative misogynist. he frequently gaslighted me in a variety of ways to undermine my confidence in myself and my ability to exercise agency in interactions with him.


-i have difficulty expressing myself and talking about my own needs and emotions, especially in stressful situations; multiple times while on the brink of tears or actually crying i tried to talk to Kurt only to have him repeatedly interrupt me and tell me that i was being irrational, illogical, that i wasn’t making any sense in order to shut down communication.

-he repeatedly insisted that i was wrong about really trivial things when i obviously wasn’t, and he refused to back down or believe me — multiple times i drove him to restaurants that i frequent in the city i live, a city he’d just moved to, and afterward he would insist that i was wrong about the names of the restaurants that i introduced him to.

-in a bizarre move, Kurt told me that he was a psychic energy sink (which i just googled and couldn’t find any instances of someone using this term the way that he did) and insisted that because i was psychically ungrounded, my frenetic energy negatively affected him because he was so grounded and sensitive to other people’s psychic energy.

tw for sexual abuse, manipulation, rape

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I'm a lesbian trans woman who lives in an 850 square foot 1bed/1bath apartment in Norcross, GA with 2-3 other trans women (it varies). It’s kinda cozy, but we can always always always make room for more (we have air mattresses, a futon, a comfy recliner, lots of bedding, and plenty of floor space). You can stay for free as long as you need, and we typically have food around that you can help yourself to. We don’t have internet right now, but there are places with free wifi within a mile of the apartment.

TRANSIT: We’re right near a bus that stops at Doraville MARTA station. I also go into the city once or twice a week when school’s in, and can provide rides inasmuch as my schedule permits it.

ACCESSIBILITY: We’re on the first floor, but there’s a three-step, fairly steep flight of stairs up to the apartment.

RULES: (1) Trans women only, no exceptions (though if you are not a trans woman and you need a place to crash, I might be able to help you find one. feel free to contact me anyway). (2) No recreational drugs or alcohol please, exceptions can be made if need be, but this is important. (3) No men allowed over, no exceptions.

You can contact me through my askbox for details (no anons about this please), my url is autogynephile.

Help Jordan replace stolen items



Yesterday afternoon, while walking home, my girlfriend Jordan was mugged. She’s not seriously injured, but she was physically assaulted. Her backpack with her phone, ID, bank card, keys and hormones was stolen. She also lost her job a few days ago.

She’s trying to raise $300 to replace everything that was stolen. If your would like to make a donation, her paypal is

Please signal boost.

Hey all,

I don’t like asking for help, but until I find a new job I have no chance of replacing most of what was stolen from me. Being without a phone also makes looking for work harder, so the sooner I can replace it, the better.

Thank you to those who have donated and boosted so far. I really appreciate your help <3<3<3



"Miss Major is a black, formerly incarcerated, transgender elder. She has been an activist and advocate in her community for over forty years.  She was at the Stonewall uprising in 1969, became politicized at Attica, was an original member of the first all-transgender gospel choir, and is a father, mother, grandmother, and grandfather to her own children, and to many in the transgender community.

Currently, Miss Major is the Executive Director of TGI Justice where she instills hope and a belief in a better future to the girls that are currently incarcerated and those coming home.” - from the Transgender/Intersex Justice Project website

Every queer person of my generation owes Miss Major a debt of gratitude. She needs us right now.

"This past week Miss Major’s apartment caught fire and almost all of her personal belongings were severely damaged. Thankfully, she and her pooch Moose were unharmed. She is currently looking for a new place to live, and once she is able to re-establish permanent housing, she’s going to need support to refurnish her home in addition to simply covering her monthly bills, health costs, etc.

Please help by inviting your friends and networks to join this circle, increasing your monthly donation, or making an additional one-time donation. Because we take care of our own.”

More info on how to support here.


"feminism isn’t about hating men!"

you have much to learn, young libfem